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#Repost @dr.jacob.harden with @instatoolsapp ・・・ WHY YOUR ARCHES ARE SO IMPORTANT I've talked a lot on my page about the importance of ⚖ balance in the arches of your feet and some problems that can arise if things are off. But the one thing we should talk about is...Why do we care so much?🤔 . Proper arch mechanics allow for shock absorption when we walk. This requires the right amounts of both pronation and supination in the same step. We contact the ground in a supinated position and immediately pronate. This pronation increases the mobility of the foot to absorb the shock of your steps.👣⚡ . If you don't pronate, such as with a high arched foot you cannot dissipate the shock. That shock will have to be taken on somewhere else. Often it is at the inside of the heel where it contributes to plantar fasciitis. Other times it travels up into the lower leg and causes shin splints. . If you overpronate, you repeatedly overstretch ↔ the plantar fascia, which can lead to tissue overload and pain. That motion will travel up the kinetic chain, internally rotating the knee and hip. This stresses the medial knee ligaments and meniscus, which just so happen to be the most common area to see 💀 degeneration. I wonder why? 😒 Internal rotation at the hip will also shut down the hip abductors, which are dynamic stabilizers of the hip and pelvis. This can lead to pain in the hip, SI joint, and low back. Noticing a trend yet? . I tell you all this to show you why you should give a 💩. The feet are the 🏢 foundation of your entire body. If their mechanics are off, everything could be as well. So tomorrow when I show you my number one exercise to fix your feet, I want you to do it religiously. Tag a friend who needs to fix their foundation and share the wealth! #MyodetoxOrlando #Myodetox

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